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CVA Products started in February of 2021. At the time, we had three kids (4 years old twins and a baby). Our twins had been suffering from eczema since birth. We tried different prescriptions, creams, skin products, and nothing was working–until we came across the goat milk products. The products worked great in terms of reducing the eczema they had been struggling with for years. We knew other parents were struggling with the same issues we were, and we wanted to help. That’s how the idea for CVA Products was born. We wanted to be able to share these great handmade natural products with those who would benefit from them the most. We named the business after our children, Charlotte, Vincent, Alexander.

Moving forward, we’ve a new addition that joined our family last March named Zander. Just like any other artists, my husband and I are both have a full-time job and four young kids to look after. Saturday is the only day that my husband could be at the craft shows with me. Other than that, I will use the time that I have available at night after dinner to educate myself through researching or to make the products to keep our inventories flowing. With the support from our customers, friends, and family, we were able to expand our line of natural products to include other products, such as goat milk bath bombs, dogs’ products, toys, simple syrups, etc. Unlike the other products that you’ve known, all the products that we used at home, such as soy candles, soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, lotion bars, laundry detergent, play dough kits (just to name a few), are chemical-free and handmade by us. Our products are specifically created to help with the sensitive skin. We use the high-quality materials to make the products not only to help our daughter to control her eczema from flaring up, but also to help our newborn son got rid of his cradle cap and our dog reliefs from having severe skin allergy throughout the year.

We are a member of Go Texan, Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce, and Decatur Chamber of Commerce. Our goal for this year is to support the local community as much as we can. You might not aware of, but my husband is a Navy Vet. We'd love to support all the veterans for their services when you shop online or in person with us (just send us an email and mentioned it so you can obtain the discount code). Lastly, we are a Keller ISD CTE partners, so every purchase that you made is very important to us as it'll help us to support the education programs at Keller Center for Advanced Learning (KCAL) for all the great students are out there.

You can read the Google Reviews below and check out our little shop D9 inside the Painted Tree in North Richland Hills for those that can't meet us at the craft shows. It is located at 7800 Boulevard 26 (Booth D9), North Richland Hills, TX 76180. Thank you for all your supporting.

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Shop # D9 Inside Painted Tree

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